Arseneal Tim Neus: Lexite returns start with a move against Newcastl

The French striker replaces his replacement Oliver Girode while Jack Wilsher and Inseli Maitland Niles also continue at the start of the XI

Alexandre Lakzeet is back in first place at Arsenal XI in the place of Olivier Giroud, where Gunners are looking to beat Newcastle United on Saturday.

The French come in for a 0-0 win at West Ham in London, while Alex Ayoubi continues to fight alongside Alexis Sanchez and Massoud Ozil.
Mr Kolasinak drops to the bench with Inseli Maitland Niles continues in the left and back Jack Wilshere makes the second straight Premier League starts next to the Chaka Granite in the middle of the midfield.
Newcastle at the same time again welcome Rob Elliott in the goal and manager Rafa Benitez his hands the beginning of former Arsenal midfielder Isaac Hayden, with Jungo Shelvey missing through the suspension.
Arsenal: The; Blairin, Kuselini, Monreil, Maitland Niles; Eioubi, Chaka, Wilsher; Ozil, Alexis; Lacazette.

Newcastle: Arsenal: Elliot, Madeleine, Lasiles, Legion, Mancello, Murphy, Hayden, Merino, Atsu, Perez, Josello.

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