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‘She’s one of the greatest things that’s happened to me’ – Hamilton on his physio Angela Cullen Formula 1 RSS UK
3 weeks ago · Across a race weekend, physiotherapist Angela Cullen is a near-constant presence at the side of her charge Lewis Hamilton – a fact which has...
Lewis Hamilton hails woman behind his record-breaking F1 success Republic World
3 weeks ago · Mercedes star Lewis Hamilton has heaped praise on his physiotherapist Angela Cullen and named her as one of the best things that happened...
“It’s My Choice” – Lewis Hamilton Recalls the Time He Went Against His Father̵ ... Essentially Sports
3 weeks ago · Read More – “Focused, Selfless, Positive” Lewis Hamilton Hails Angela Cullen's Role In His Life. Tags. Lewis Hamilton. 0 Comments. Indrasish...
Hamilton 'devastated' after Covid-19 positive puts rest of his season in doubt The Guardian
3 days ago · ... and adopted a small social bubble often consisting almost solely of himself and his physiotherapist, Angela Cullen. Cullen is also in isolation.
JONATHAN McEVOY: F1 is gripped by the mystery of how Hamilton contracted Covid Daily Mail
2 days ago · ... while his trainer Angela Cullen is also believed to be in self-isolation, ... Cullen and Man Friday Marc Hynes – as well as pet bulldog Roscoe.
Hamilton 'gutted' after positive COVID-19 test Reuters
3 days ago · ... and returning to Monaco afterwards where physio Angela Cullen forms part of his protective 'bubble'. He posted video on Instagram on Nov.
“Focused, Selfless, Positive” – Lewis Hamilton Hails Angela Cullen’s Role In His Life Essentially Sports
3 weeks ago · One such person in Hamilton's inner circle is his physiotherapist Angela Cullen. She has often been spotted in and around the paddock.
Lewis Hamilton talks about the woman behind his Formula 1 success
3 weeks ago · Angela Cullen has become a staple around the Formula 1 paddock with the physiotherapist never far from Hamilton's side. The British...
Lewis Hamilton puts success down to little-known right-hand woman Angela Cullen who has helped guide F1 star The Sun
2 weeks ago · Lewis Hamilton puts success down to little-known right-hand woman Angela Cullen who has helped guide F1 star to success · 15:02, 20 Nov...
MPH: 'Covid let me focus on my weaknesses... I'm getting better' — Hamilton Motor Sport
1 week ago · In between races he has limited his bubble to his physio and trainer Angela Cullen. Last week, at Istanbul, he spoke how after Imola had brought...

Só quero saber se a Angela Cullen vai ser a coaching feat dona da porra toda praquele que não pode ser nomeado E tb se ele vai entrar no paddock sendo puxado pela coleira por Roscoe #f1