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If you want the Senate to pass President Biden's American Recovery Plan and the rest of your $2000 stimulus check using reconciliation, then raise your hand! 🖐🏼🤚🏼✋🏾✋🏻👋🏽✋🏿🤚🏿🖐🏼✋🏼✋🏿🖐🏻🤚🏽✋🏼✋🏼🖐🏼✋🏿🤚🏼✋🏾🖐🏼✋🏻

In CNN interview with @ErinBurnett, Biden CoS Ron Klain sides with the teachers' unions in battle to reopen schools. Says schools unsafe to reopen until they get $$ for enhancements in the Biden stimulus legislation.

Redditers are going to get reporters working for corporate media outlets to defend the hedge funds and they are going to get Biden and Dems to put a bail out for them in the next stimulus.

@trump2015788428 @Eldudarino72 @White521168 @POTUS Trump did NOT want to give everyone $2,000. He instead gave everyone $600, which is not NEARLY enough for people who actually need a stimulus. Biden is the one who is pushing for a $2,000 stimulus, and he will deliver it to everyone once it gets passed.

@Jay_aRe91 @PrestonPysh shit i think its gone be really be bananas if Biden pass another round of stimulus checks. Mf’ers gone think they sold a brick of meth like Walt on Breaking Bad 😂

@joebamatrump @maymanidk @KnowNothingTV @Public_Citizen Biden called for $2,000 stimulus before the $600 stimulus was sent. Biden's stimulus will send out the other $1,400 that should have gone with it. Stick to your leftist purity tests, let the neoliberals fix the economy again while you types do nothing but cry on Twitter.

@ACcoolman @briebriejoy “Business is struggling during covid because” is how I prefaced that, which I would think provides some context to the fact that I’m referring to specifically to business related stimulus like nationalizing payroll. Trump did nothing Biden will too, limited word count here.

Bro why was it so much money to fix my old car?? 🥲 Biden I’m ready for the stimulus now

@Zyphorr1 @justinhoffman @icecube Yea and He he said that Trump was going to do a Platinum Plan so, once again who do you think he supported? If you feel like him supporting Trump or Biden is so terrible then who did u vote for, Cube😅😃😂If u hate Biden so much then u can send me your stimulus check 😙

Here’s a closer look at what’s included in President-elect Biden’s Covid relief proposal.

@POTUS Thanks President Biden. The economic benefits of federally funded basic research are clear. Take a look at the level of funding compared to the size of the economy and I think you will see that funding is far too low to get the most stimulus for economic growth.

Every day Biden just reminds us that he has failed to deliver on his campaign promise

@zerohedge @UpinCT These EO of Mr Bidens are beyond ridiculous where the hell is the stimulus money to help American businesses and the American people 😠 I guess the Biden/ Harris motto is America last!!!

OuPresident Joe Biden is trying to win GOP support for his $1.9 trillion rescue package, but Republicans are skeptical of the price tag. GOP didn't want to send a stimulus last year for unemployment.

Biden Administration May Be Open To Stricter Stimulus Requirements -

@POTUS thank you President Biden for all you are doing on EVERY front, especially #Climate #COVID and #Stimulus My wife and I love you and are behind you 12,000% 🙏🏼🤗Keep fighting the Good Fight

Day 7 of Biden’s presidency still no stimulus. Joe quit playing and RUN ME MY CHECK.

@marcorubio Crazy thought: Come out with a statement, supporting President Biden for a $2000 stimulus payment and recurring payments until employment dips to a lower level...since you are so worry about it and all.

@MayorConger She is the worst Senator and frankly does not care about TN. She is against this because it is from Biden’s team. She will fight against any stimulus bill that is aimed at helping her constituents and their communities.

The #Biden administration wants another $1.9 TRILLION in stimulus/relief. Sen. Cornyn isn't so sure. We also discuss #impeachment #CovidVaccine & more Tonight at 10 @25NewsKXXV