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#TeenMom2 S6:E15, Leah didn’t know who Chris Evans was. At that time I probably didn’t either. But he’s the actor that plays captain America 🦸‍♂️🇺🇸. But since a few months ago he leaked his penis picture online, I definitely know him now. @LeahMesser

@ChrisEvans I wonder if Joe Biden will thank Chris Evans’ penis in his inauguration speech?

@SpillerOfTea The moment the penis was mentioned I forgot there was even a computer involved.

@ChrisObssesions How did Chris Evans leak a photo of his penis and I’m just now figuring this out?? Do we not have evidence?

Chris Evans accidentally posted a screen recording that showed his penis which didn't psychically or emotionally hurt anybody while Armie Hammer actually psychically & emotionally hurt women. Those 2 are totally different situations.

Chris Evans accidentally shared a very private picture on Instagram, and the internet went nuts

Chris Evans and his penis are in talks with marvel studios to reprise his role as captain America. 🇺🇸 :)

CLARIFICATION: this is not chris evans. this is someone else. it is a new accidental penis shot.