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“He’s got speed and carry and great decision-making with the ball." Fantasy: The role for Jaidyn Stephenson in 2021 https://t.co/JeBVCi11RP via @aflratings_FS #AFL | #AFLFantasy

🤔 | How can North Melbourne fix

🤔 | How can North Melbourne fix "scared" recruit Jaidyn Stephenson? A coffee with a certain Shinboner would be a start, @RalphyHeraldSun writes: https://t.co/3nNabxKZkz https://t.co/5lgdKGkBtp

Fantasy: The role for Jaidyn Stephenson in 2021 https://t.co/kN2I5ggJvN via @aflratings #AFL | #AFLDFS

A new opportunity for Stephenson at the Kangaroos, he's in a bounce back spot from his 2020 fantasy output https://t.co/kAtks94LQl

Mike Lombardi; “You got to give up a lot to get out of a bad contract.” Talking NFL trading strategy, but exactly same fundamentals of why Collingwood did what they did with Adam Treloar & Jaidyn Stephenson, and why what they did was right #reality https://t.co/9hrZatD6CH

I couldn’t care less about how much Jaidyn Stephenson or Dyson Heppell is going to make. Keeping it private is fine with me 🤫 https://t.co/LgnQp3p5Cr

Fantasy: The role for Jaidyn Stephenson in 2021 https://t.co/JeBVCi11RP via @aflratings_FS #AFL | #AFLFantasy

@CollingwoodFC @AFLcomau These 10 players won't play for Collingwood in 2021: Adam Treloar (Dogs) Jaidyn Stephenson (Nth) Tom Phillips (Haw) Atu Bosenavulagi (Nth) Travis Varcoe (Ret) Lynden Dunn (Ret) Ben Reid (Ret) Matt Scharenberg (Delisted) Tim Broomhead (Delisted) Dayne Beams (Mental health)

@RalphyHeraldSun Reckon Jaidyn Stephenson would learn heaps under the tutelage of Wayne Carey 🥴

@Hashtagkangas i'm sure we will be competitive, lot of young blokes competing for spots. Looking forward to the speed Jaidyn Stephenson can bring to the middle and forward line.

Why splitting pick 2 makes sense. Fixing Jaidyn Stephenson with the help of a Roos legend. Picking up the phone to Duck. The Roos media critics. Throwing open the doors. Sunday night footy. And using the Lions template. The issues David Noble and the Roos need to get cracking on https://t.co/zv1ugSu6qz

David Noble on Jaidyn Stephenson's future playing position https://t.co/LcnDSU2qTG