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"Kevin Sorbo here. Aka: Hercules. I and many others were blacklisted in Hollywood for our beliefs and the same is happening on social media. Go to: and sign up on our email list. Connect with me before it's too late!" #movies #entertainment #Family #faith

Funny how right-wingers say Hollywood liberals should shut up about politics but treat Chachi and Kevin Sorbo as political pundits.

Holy forking shirtballs. Have you guys heard of "Trailblazers"? Written by Antonio Sabato, it stars every washed-up actor in the MCU (MAGA Conman Universe). Kevin Sorbo. Dean Cain. Scott Baio. Stacey Dash. Lorenzo Lamas. It's a who's who of who isn't.

Ew not only was Kevin Sorbo’s character in the OC the worst, turns out, he’s also a Trump supporter 🤢

Marco Rubio, Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz in the Three Mosquitoes directed by John Voight; screenplay by Scott Baio; music by Kevin Sorbo; produced by James Woods and Mel Gibson of Kristallnacht Ovens Production.