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@PatMcAfeeShow Rodgers notes this is Day 2 after the season and he's around this week. "I am not like jetting out of town and ‘sayonara Green Bay’. There’s conversations to be had" with Brian Gutekunst, Mark Murphy, Matt LaFleur and he says they're the same conversations they have every year.

“Capitol Police asked troops to move their rest area on Thursday, said Guard spokesperson Maj. Matt Murphy.” We need some answers from U.S. Capitol Police.

@SimonJester007 @quickbear @YouTube @BluePati @SandyBlueEyes5 @AmlongJudyann @novergirl @cocozl2 @d_klein3 @BarbHoldredge @trina_me8 @Juliethewarrior @akatinydancer1 @CRufsvold @halucin8 @MacLinx Featuring Steve Cropper, Duck Dunn, and Matt "Guitar" Murphy

@ChrisCuomo let’s not forget who Matt Gaetz is

@EBrooksUncut Mark Murphy is grade A moron and a huge problem for packer. I wish that ppl woulf acknowledge this more.. People have their own opinions on the draft. I was personally ok with it and I think Gute had been good not great but Mark ignored Matt’s ST guy and picked his own ST coord

@Peter_Bukowski @8uckNasty Except Mark Murphy is an attention whore who thinks he should be involved in football decisions .. maybe if he would have let Matt hire who he wanted we would be heading to Tampa.. the problem wasn’t the draft .. the draft was good .. the biggest problem with football operations

@nrenfuk @8uckNasty @Peter_Bukowski But guess what Murphy didn’t let him hire the special teams guy he wanted so Matt doesn’t get much say it seems

@DoseAmigo @JasonIsbell I saw Matt Guitar Murphy around that time in a bar in Bridgeport, CT. Same tour, maybe - or else he lived around there?

@JasonIsbell Wow. So in about '83 I was out on Nantucket with a bud and we went into a small bar. I look over at the bar and Matt Guitar Murphy was sitting there! I was too shy to say hi biut he was there with his band and they tore the roof off the place. I think the cover was 5 bucks.

Governor Murphy Announces Former State Comptroller Matt Boxer to Conduct Independent Investigation Examining January 11 Incident at the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility - Insider NJ -

@momoftwinss2010 @reaIPatriot But it's a lie. “We have not received any offers at the National Guard Bureau.” Maj. Matt Murphy

@FieldYates Mark Murphy, Matt Lafleur, Aaron Rodgers seem indifferent about #3

@reaIPatriot This is pure bullshit. “We have not received any offers at the National Guard Bureau,” Maj. Matt Murphy, media relations officer at the bureau, told the AP in an email.

@Life_Is_Rachel @UndisputedLTG Plausible US Challengers: Matt Riddle, sadly AJ Styles, eventually Andrade when he possibly returns etc ion watch RAW much. IC Challengers: Apollo Sami Jey Uso Murphy Mysterio Corbin Shinsuke Cesaro It's not our fault you fail to understand what's low-key obvious.

"That thing is going to go nuclear. Trust me. The quarterback wants out."

@Dave18098 @younggothamjedi @egs2123 @MySportsUpdate @PatMcAfeeShow Are you Brian Gutekunst, Matt La Fleur or Mike Murphy? Unless you’re a member of the Packer organization, you don’t know 100% of anything that is going to happen there.

@Chris78Williams Liverpool fans were promised Nike kits and they're getting Warrior-quality stuff again