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South Africa May Restart Covid Unemployment Relief, Unions Say Bloomberg
5 days ago · Nedlac is a forum for negotiations between business, labor and government. “Government realizes it has to extend some form of relief,” Parks...
Level 4 provincial lockdown message is ‘fake news’, says Nedlac Citizen
1 week ago · Nedlac executive director Lisa Seftel denied the message's contents, branding it “fake news”, and confirmed that government had not...
Talks on more Ters relief ‘positive’ as business and labour press for action Business Day
6 days ago · Talks are under way in Nedlac to protect workers affected by the tightening of lockdown regulations. BL PREMIUM. 13 January 2021 - 05:10 Genevieve Quintal...
Negotiations underway to bring back UIF Ters payments amid ... CapeTalk
5 days ago · Labour is involved in this and these are negotiations being conducted through Nedlac. Robert Legh, Chair of the Labour Workgroup - Business...
'We have to decisively change the face of our economy': Ramaphosa TimesLIVE
1 week ago · To this end the ANC is encouraged that there is broad consensus at Nedlac on the actions that are needed to drive SA's economic...
WILLIAM GUMEDE: Social pacts more vital than ever as state lacks capacity Business Day
23 hours ago · Nedlac also lacks independent members who are not aligned to social partners, unlike the Dutch SER for example. Nedlac is also often...
Sadtu to issue a notice for protest action and appeal court ruling on ... News24
1 month ago · Tabling a section 77 dispute ensures that the union outlines all its grievances before Nedlac and that these grievances are duly considered by...
MEC Ravi Pillay bids for TERS scheme extension East Coast Radio
1 day ago · Last week, the Unemployment Insurance Fund confirmed that discussions are taking place within the Nedlac process to extend Covid-19...
Social partners at Nedlac agree to help to turn Eskom around Mail and Guardian
1 month ago · Nedlac will also look for ways to assist the power utility and the government in accessing fresh capital. “We are committed to the speedy...
Plea for new round of relief in ‘circuit breaker’ lockdown TimesLIVE
2 weeks ago · The Nedlac meeting also reiterated calls for the government to allow the UIF Ters payouts to be extended to cover workers in sectors restricted...

@the_smme I agree that SMME's need a place at the NEDLAC negotiating table along with the unemployed.

It's not the Unions only, the DTI is refusing to have SMMEs represented at NEDLAC. Unions, BIG business, government n Civil Society r taking decisions for SMMEs at NEDLAC n it's all because SMMEs r failing to unite. Put the blame at the feet of all SMMEs. Besides

@PFMsomi Interships are paid ito Basic Conditions of Employment Act No 75 of 1997. Sectoral Determination 5: Learnerships. SETAs & Employers make as if they don't know this Act & revised NEDLAC Tables that are linked to interns qualifications & starting salary of equivalent position

Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa addresses 21st NEDLAC Summit, 9 Sep 2016 #flickr

@matsimelaC @PFMsomi @Notemash7 @CyrilRamaphosa @PresidencyZA @ParliamentofRSA Broer, you're suddenly so sure about what is happening at there. You are intent on doing a reverse engineering from spokesperson. I admire your imagination though. Google NEDLAC and see what you saying fits in how.

@moloit6 @matsimelaC @PFMsomi @CyrilRamaphosa @PresidencyZA @ParliamentofRSA At Nedlac there is representatives. It's not an everyone show. Just like at Codesa. Things are negotiated, people are persuaded, in the end agreements are reached. Question is those representing a black government did they do enough to change human condition of workers?

@matsimelaC @PFMsomi @Notemash7 @CyrilRamaphosa @PresidencyZA @ParliamentofRSA Those decisions are taken at NEDLAC as far as I am aware. It would be silly to attribute it to a single individual. This is not a dictatorship. Lots of people canvas for positions and they come to an agreement. Our fate is decided there by "stakeholders".

Progress was made in talks held this week at the National Economic Development and Labour Council, according to Matthew Parks, parliamentary coordinator for the Congress of South African Trade Unions. Nedlac is a forum for negotiations between business, labor and government.

@Artii_M @Newzroom405 This is what happens when big business, trade unions and a corrupt government come together at NEDLAC

This is what happens when big business, trade unions and a corrupt government come together at NEDLAC. Show me a poor person at NEDLAC. @MaxduPreez

Talks in Nedlac on more Ters relief said to be ‘positive’, as business and labour press for action -

Talks in Nedlac on more #Ters relief said to be ‘positive’, as business and labour press for action

@Unathi_Kwaza @LeighMathys @GillianYoungBe1 Some of these questions about the happenings in our economy shows a lot of gray areas n should make us question more of the purpose n effectiveness of FRIDGE and TIC works/researches/studies at Nedlac. What is Govt, Organized Business n Labour doing?

@UpdateAtNoon @SakinaKamwendo @Moleboo @P_tsholo @Mnguni_Khondlo #Cosatu seeks a meeting with social partners at @NEDLAC_SA to debate •Extension of the UIF’s #Covid-19 TERS for workers and #workplaces that remain under various levels of restrictions. •Extension of the R350 #unemployment grant @PresidencyZA @deptoflabour @CCMA_SA

@_Tshisevhe That rumour with NEDLAC name thrown in was almost authentic, but we now know that it was fake. No wonder the President is reading from his iPad, he didn't want any leaks.