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Nuts to politics: ex-air steward eyes to lead South Korean party Yahoo News
22 hours ago · Former South Korean air steward Park Chang-jin never imagined a bag of macadamia nuts would lead him to a career in politics.
That’s nuts! Planters NUTmobile visits Fort Wayne food bank WANE
6 hours ago · The giant nut-shaped vehicle stopped at the Community Harvest food bank at 999 E. Tillman Road to help at the food bank and give away free...
Children's allergic reactions to nuts spike at Halloween and Easter New Scientist
3 days ago · Severe peanut allergies in children jump 85 per cent on Halloween and 60 per cent on Easter, and other nut allergies follow the same trend,...
Nut prices plunge as pandemic fears hit sellers Financial Times
1 month ago · Nut prices have fallen to multiyear lows as fears over the pandemic and lockdown measures crunch big buyers such as airlines, hotels and...
An Ohio man built a backyard squirrel bar with seven varieties of nuts on tap CNN
4 weeks ago · People are going nuts for an Ohio woodworker's latest creation: A bar that caters to neighborhood squirrels.
United Airlines first class nut mix on sale by supplier due to COVID - Business Insider Business Insider
1 month ago · United stopped giving out its first class nut mix due to the pandemic, leaving its supplier with a massive nut glut.
Nori Nut Mix Bon Appetit
1 month ago · Nori nut mix is a super-easy snack recipe made with crushed nori, any kind of nuts, honey, oil, and chile flakes.
Over 15 Tons Of United Airlines Nuts Are On Sale One Mile at a Time
1 month ago · Due to coronavirus, United Airlines has stopped serving mixed nuts. As a result, the company's nut supplier is selling nuts to consumers.
Nuts? Nope, Arlington business owner has the peanuts flying off the shelves
1 day ago · What about airline nuts? And Arlington company is here to fill your need. You can sit at home in your easy chair pretending to be traveling to...
What to Know: Eat. You’re Dinner because this business is nuts!
22 hours ago · What do you do when you have lots of nuts? Make nut-nog? Nope, you go online. GNS Foods has no choice but to sell its Elite Status Airline Nut...

This is nuts. Desmond Meade led campaign for ballot initiative restoring voting rights to people with past felony convictions approved by 64% of Floridians in 2018. Named to Time 100. Model citizen. And still @GovRonDeSantis denied him clemency today. There is no justice in FL

This is NUTS, this is the law republicans set up to keep people from voting.

@manscaped advertisements make it seems like guys shave their nuts with a chainsaw

@Seth_Kaplan I think you raise a legitimate point but sadly it’ll be drowned out by Twitter nuts who follow QAnon and assume it’s because of the “dictator” masquerading as governor BS.

Basically go nuts if you want to make your own, just please don't use them for anything hateful or profitable. ;3; thank you ❤️❤️

@DGConroy Yup. It’s a round-the-clock thing — this week is literally the first week since March that anyone has been able to actually do work during open hours because walk-in traffic has finally slowed down just a little bit. That’s how nuts it is out there.

@grendelmenz @redsunO21 Rdr made it so the horse nuts fluctuate in size depending on if ur in a cold area or not because that was needed for some reason

Un escargot vint à passer : Mon beau 'monsieur, emmenez-moi Dans votre carrosse Je serai votre tendre' Chuchotaient-elles toutes les trois.

@IamJWiL @KnownAsRico @Corey_2Gunnz @domo_simply soooo are we gonna SQUEEZE ON MY NUTS

今更鬼滅見てるんだがおもったよりおもろくてびびった ufoなので作画も良いしな…

@louisvillemayor These THUGS are destroying our city, our public library, our small biz and you still call it 'protests'! Are you nuts?!!! @louisvillemayor is a joke! @usmayors

@TitanPonPon might not always see eye to eye for smite balance but this guy's def a weenie - plus your weightloss has honestly been nuts so dunno wtf this guy is even on

@lyssa_love95 Lmao I still have yet to update mine I know it’s gonna drive me nuts 😅 and I’ll probably switch it more than once 🤣

@HillaryClinton Your nuts! You & the Dems still haven't committed to the peaceful transfer of power since 2017. You do NOTHING positive, go the hell away!


@tokonatsu_nuts @Osami47 学校に提出したはずの検尿を何故かこいつが持ってる

With all Biden/Harris have promised to do from open borders/higher taxes/killing pvt health insurance/2nd Amend/I have to assume Trump hurt these people clearly fragile egos, or their just nuts..

@jenniholland14 @cesheldon1 @CLIAGlobal A.k.a. some people are just nuts. If you want a lot more reactions, see the comments on this travel bloggers video:

@jimbaldwin123 @pdxfour @uspresstracker Wow! Propaganda works strong with you. For fucks sake! Do u ever get tired of listening to the elite media talking heads? It's almost like they want u focused on something else. Cuz this shit is too insane for normal ppl to believe. But then there are ppl like u....nuts

Ion be mad when people say taurus folks are nuts bc it’s true. Why you think i been in therapy every week for the last 3 years? Workin on & through my nut shit thank you very much. That’s why I’m the exception to y’all’s slander.

@donaldsangel You couldn't pay me to live in those States. Yikes their are nuts

@CarabPrOriente Y ese desclasado esta jugando among us que se rie tanto en la pega?