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@kuttrapali Current Market Capitalisation of Tata Motors at price 290 = 90k crore. At price 6000, it'll be 18 Lakh crore. i.e. bigger than what Reliance or TCS is now. Could you please share basis for your call? I want to make an informed decision.

@Moneypurseadv #askmoneypurse Tata motors share price is increasing very rapidly from last 2-3 months. Should we hold them for long term or sell them? In this scenario how should we do the valuation?

@Mitesh_Engr I started in stock market in month of June-2020 all stocks were at half of the price Tata motors I had it on 90-100 per share.. I planned to keep them till Dec or March 2021. But, I got habit of Intraday and then F&O I incurred large loss as per my portfolio.

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