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The only good thing about this video is that it suggests we probably are not going to confront martial law in the next 48 hours. On the other hand, being forced to watch it all the way through gives you a taste of what that would be like. https://t.co/HxW3IyNX9I

What will Trump do on hs last full day? Declassify important things? Pardon notorious people? Declare martial law? Attack government again? Drop a nuclear bomb on Twitter HQ??? Anything is possible on the series finale of Trump: INSANE POTUS.

@BradBardoon @PlattscChris @danrapp @patcondell Im just anticipating him blocking us and change the topic. But just imagine how far out he is. A "proud" british person who cant wait for a "global martial law" by an american president. Like what the fuck happened to create that kind of logic.

have you guys been keeping on what the conservatives think is going to happen tomorrow? martial law, black outs, emergency broadcasts, they have truly lost their damn minds

@Jim_M_Hunter This is the world now. The pillow guy wants martial law, our government didn't say any of the things it said including what it's saying now, and Gwyneth Paltrow's lady garden is a weapon of mass destruction. Welcome to week three of 2021.

@thehill Yes, absolutely : this is what you get for inciting violence and advocating for Martial law: Mr Pillow , you will pay a heavy price for sucking up to DJT👎

@thehill Well, Mr. Pillow, you encouraged the President, a man who is very susceptible to grandiose delusions, into declaring martial law. How would the free market work under a dictator? You thought it would work to your advantage obviously, but what happens when you piss off the boss?🙄

@SpeakerPelosi what you and your Democrats have done, bringing in national guard troops for tomorrow,is in fact a violation of the u.c.m.j and that in fact is Called martial law, I have your tit in a ringer now

@RichardGrenell @JoeBiden This is just the beginning of martial law. Ironic, considering that's what the left wanted us to believe President Trump was going to do. 🤦‍♀️

@realMikeLindell guess what? Nobody on “The Left” is cancelling you. You cancelled yourself when you embraced a ridiculous false claim that the election was stolen, when you encouraged him to invoke martial law to overturn a fair election, etc. Consequences for being a traitor.

@seanhannity What did you mean? Biden is not President-elect yet? What needs Senate to do more about this? I will condemn POTUS Trump and his allies if due to fear of death or anything, they don’t enact martial law to kill the Swamp Monster & cut its tentacles to restore justice & integrity!

@krbutler08 @_Star_Fire_1 @MeidasTouch @BedBathBeyond He literally called for an insurrection for Trump to enforce martial law to stay president. What are you been talking not inciting anything? It is not an opinion when others believe it to be a fact. His is spreading false propaganda.

Now what in the hell. The pillow man is not trying to talk the president into declaring martial law. I just know that’s a lie lmaoo https://t.co/Kl7nz2O30l

This is what was in the #MyPillow guy's notes as he walked in the WH: "The notes suggested Trump declare martial law and move the chief of staff to acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller to acting CIA chief." What a damn QUAZY CULTIST. https://t.co/dPLtFQp5SR

@HalSparks @VP No military tribunals at Gitmo No martial law No Insurrection Act No military re-vote No "Great Awakening" One thing they got right: "Nothing can stop what's coming." But, what's coming is President Biden.

@mattissaved @dragos_serdaru @MrMoeOthman What if martial law is declared durning the up and coming civil war ?

@txbornbred62 @toddstarnes What has been done to this country? They didn’t stop selling to you, they stop carrying a product from a guy who is trying to get the President to enact martial law. Are you telling me that Pillow guys position represents you? Are there not other pillows you can buy?

@TheDarkMon @ScottPPeriod @mkclt31 @briantylercohen Is this what you are blathering about? https://t.co/0luI7kZYQ5

Why is the My Pillow Guy dictating whether we have martial law or not? What reality is this?

@SebGorka @Kohls @BedBathBeyond @realMikeLindell @MyPillowUSA If you're a patriot, you don't support overrunning the capitol, threaten to hang the vp or beat/kill police officers. If the my pillow guy who's trying to initiate martial law is who you look up to, you're not someone who even knows what being a patriot means. Cry harder. https://t.co/U6hiI0gSWP